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PLX-HDB.1 pair

Part number: PLX-HDB.1

Datasheet PDF PDF icon 238KB

Installation Guide PDF PDF icon 1,158KB

HDMI® Extender
UHD AV to 40m

The PLX-HDB.1 extender employs HDBaseT™ technology to transport uncompressed 10.2Gbps HDMI over a single run of long length CATx (6/6a/7) cable. Comprising a compact transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) unit, the system supports UHD to 40m and 1920x1200p/60 to 70m.

Note: This model is superseded by the PLX-HDB.2 extender.

Quick Specs

  • HDBaseT™ technology extends uncompressed HDMI® over a single CATx cable up to 70m
  • Supports up to 10.2Gbps real-time aggregate data rate
  • Employs Valens VS010 primary chipsets
  • Use with CAT6 UTP, FTP or STP, or CAT6a/7. Shielding connection optional
  • Supports UHD 2160p/24-30 up to 40m (nominal)
  • Supports 1920x1200p/60 up to 70m (nominal)
  • Supports all VESA graphics resolutions and 3D formats as defined by the HDMI 1.4a specification
  • Plug-n-play, no tuning required
  • HDCP 1.1/1.2 compliant
  • Compact size
  • Vertical surface mountable with optionally attachable brackets (included)





Standards logos
  • HDMI Member assurance of compliance
  • International compliance DC PSUs with 100-264VAC input & interchangeable plugs
  • RoHS, CE, FCC & AU RCM

HDMI Adopter since 2005
2.0 Addendum signatory 2013

Member since 2010

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