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What is CEDIA?

CEDIA is a not-for-profit association which was founded in the United States in 1989. It is run by its members, representing standards and quality, and providing training in the professional installation and integration of AV, control and broader electronics systems in residential and commercial environments.


Everyone knows that to get electrical work done, you need a qualified electrician. In fact, in most places it’s a legal requirement to do so. However when it comes to the installation of audio visual equipment, networks, security, automation and control, or HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), there may not be any such legally binding qualifications in your country/region. Without a license or official qualification, how do you know what level of competency an installer may possess? CEDIA is the difference.

CEDIA and its members provide and apply extensive training to ensure projects are completed to the highest of standards. They know about product choices and integrity, how things work, how various elements interact for best performance, how to safely and neatly mount hardware, penetrate walls and work within building cavities, combined with knowledge of and adherence to requisite cabling and termination standards. In other words, they do it properly.

CEDIA for Architects & Designers
CEDIA for Architects & Designers
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CEDIA for Home Owners

Why Kordz is a CEDIA member

Kordz has been a proud CEDIA Supplier member since 2004, because we share the same core values as the Association and its members. CEDIA installers understand that the combination of quality products is a key element to completing a job properly and in a timely manner. Poor quality or not-to-standard products often lead to the need for increased troubleshooting and installation delays, which can either cost the end user more, or alternatively erode the worth of the installers’ time. Either way it can be frustrating and not cost effective, and may inhibit performance and longer term reliability as well.

At Kordz we have a decade long history of producing high quality, standards compliant interconnect solutions that are intended for best all round result. We value performance, we value the installers’ time, and we value the end users’ budget. That is, we engineer products that are designed to simply work better first time, every time with maximum signal integrity.

CEDIA Participation

CEDIA Certified Instructor

Kordz founder David Meyer is a CEDIA Certified Instructor and Subject Matter Expert (SME) on HDMI and 4K, having authored several courses on these topics, and presented around the world. He also occupies a seat on the Board of Directors for CEDIA Asia Pacific, and is a full member of the Technical Working Group based in the US. He was a credited contributor to the HDMI Best Practices White Paper series published by CEDIA in 2011, and co-author of the popular 4K Industry White Paper in 2013. All of these contributions are undertaken in a voluntary capacity.

James Chen, Director of Sales at Kordz is a member of CEDIA’s revered international Technology Council. He is also a CEDIA Certified Instructor across many disciplines, most prolific as a presenter in the Asian region, where he also contributes quite substantially to CEDIA’s international development profile and support network. Again, all commitments are effected in a voluntary capacity.